Taking applications for 2024 in Sandstone


We are currently taking applications for a home in Sandstone. One of which could be for a US military veteran with a service related disability. We will select a hardworking deserving family to become new homeowners of safe, decent, energy efficient and affordable homes in Sandstone. “We are requesting that disabled veterans and other families interested in applying for Sandstone contact us as soon as possible,” Says Executive Director Wayne Eller. “The qualifying income levels vary with the size of the family. The selected families’ incomes must be sufficient to repay affordable house payments of roughly $750 to $1000 per month. These payments will include their taxes, home insurance and traditionally zero percent interest mortgages.” Eller adds, “Each family must be willing to invest 265 hours of their own labor to help build the house; building skills are not necessary. We will show the family what to do.” Individual volunteers and professional construction trades men and women are respectfully encouraged to join the fun and excitement working alongside the selected ‘homeowners-to-be’.” Families interested in applying and volunteers who wish to help are invited to contact ECM Habitat’s toll free number at 1-866-600-0288 or by e-mailing Habitat at chabitat@ecenet.com.

(763) 689-0288


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